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Coping with Covid | Spring ’20

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How Are TCU Students Coping with COVID-19?

Surprisingly Well!

Upside Down

US News reported in an article early April, “The lives of college students have been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic.” Nevertheless, students such as TCU Frogs are staying “connected with others.” Moving beyond texts and social media, students are engaging in “more interpersonal communications, such as phone or video calls with friends” and family, than perhaps ever before.

In addition, many students “watch [TV] shows together remotely,” with two or more viewing the same program while commenting and conversing via phone, text, or videoconferencing.

TCU—A Close Knit Community Working Together 

Zeroing in on TCU, an early April notice at the TCU website praises the community for coming together during this crisis. The article describes how Chancellor Boschini’s weekly videos reassure “the Frog family that there’s plenty to look forward to.”

Meanwhile What2Do@TCU offers a range of “entertainment and well-being options,” all easily experienced virtually and from a distance. For example, Students for Recovery hosts Anonymous meetings for the TCU community via Zoom. In addition, TCU’s Campus Recreation provides Rec@Home programs so students “can stay fit and well while isolating”; offerings include live workouts via Zoom, pre-recorded workouts, and wellness workshops.

For students experiencing illness symptoms, the Brown-Lupton University Health Center continues to operate in a fully staffed mode.

Creative Frogs

Frogs are staying involved and connected in other creative ways, too.

To emphasize the idea of coming together despite separation, students from the College of Fine Arts have shared an Alma Mater sing-along on Facebook. Several YouTube videos play the Robert Carr Chapel carillon bells. And the official TCU Twitter page includes not only news of the reopening of campus for fall (planned for August 24), but exciting sports info and highlights (hashtag #GoFrogs).

Perhaps the best signs, literally, of Frog optimism in the face of the pandemic are the purple billboards seen increasing throughout the TCU area.

All of them carry the slogan: “Wherever we may go, our hearts are here.”



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